Fog Systems UK is a leading supplier of fog generating equipment operating globally in the industrial and entertainment fields.

Company Profile

Fog Systems UK provides high quality non-toxic fog generating equipment for use in industrial and entertainment applications. From testing the air flow in buildings or ventilation systems to leak testing buildings or containers - Fog Systems UK can help. We also provide fog generators for fire training and special effects in theatres, television and film studios.

Our Mission

We supply and hire out high quality water and oil based non-toxic fog machines at competitive prices to suit many applications.

All our machines are made in England to an extremely high level of quality assurance. The fog produced is the finest that can be made today, meaning no sticky residue is ever left. The particle size of the produced fog is 0.2 - 0.3 microns in diameter. Compare this with the cheaper mass produced foggers whose particle size can be anything up to 100 microns in diameter, and you'll appreciate that our fog machines are the highest quality you can buy.

We also supply other, more 'entertainment' orientated smoke machines for different applications in stage & screen, including heavy fog, dry ice machines and haze. Contact us for mare information on machines and fluid available, or visit our sister site: Smoke Machines


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